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04 May

Les chants de mon pays


Les chants de mon pays/ Québec Palais Montcalm

Born in Haiti, Marie-Josée Lord arrived in her new country, Quebec, at the age of 6. From the very beginning, she was quickly immersed in a new musical culture, inherited from her adoptive parents, who introduced her to the world of the great songwriters. At a very young age, the texts of these great Quebec poets will be for her a place of escape, carried by the imagination of words. Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Robert Charlebois, Claude Dubois, Diane Juster, Monique Leyrac, Luc Plamondon, Gaston Miron, to name but a few, have cradled my poetic and sound universe. Their poetry and their stories made me love words and, supported by music, these words became for me travels, escape and parallel universe. With this show: Les chants de mon pays, I want to pay tribute to its pillars and national treasures. Because thanks to them, Quebec has been able to make its existence known beyond its borders. Their words and their music are today a heritage for the future generations.
13 May

Ode to Joy! – Beethoven’s Ninth

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony has entered the minds and souls of music lovers to such a degree that each performance becomes an event before the first note is played. This fusion of majestic music, poetry, and insight of what brings humanity together, capped off by the sublime choral finale with its unforgettable Ode to Joy, is among music’s most transcendent experiences and a much-needed symbol for freedom today. Celebrated pianist Jan Lisiecki is our bonus soloist in Chopin’s evergreen, romantic Concerto.