MA VOIX MON PSY de la dichotomie à l’authenticité

MY VOICE, MY PSY is a series of conferences and workshops on the voice as a tool for personal development. MY VOICE, MY PSY is a complete reflection of the relationship that developed between my voice and myself, because discovering my voice was also the discovery of an entity that I did not know was inside me. The discovery of a part of my dormant personality.

So MY VOICE MY PSY: From Dichotomy to Authenticity is a journey into the heart of your inner self, where everything takes root, where your voice resonates, reveals you. The goal of this conference is for you to understand how your voice reveals what is deeply hidden inside you. MY VOICE MY PSY: From dichotomy to authenticity I have lived and experienced it (and I still do) and it is an experience I want to share with you today.